Mouse HCD Library

Nov. 24, 2014

This library was compiled entirely from data contributed by the University of North Carolina to the CPTAC consortioum. The mouse HCD library was created in part from raw data stored on the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) data portal

File - Description Size Link
cptac2_mouse_hcd_selected.msp.tar.gz - Consensus library in plain ASCII text (msp format). This format can be used as an exchange format. It is also directly readable by some software applications, including Skyline, after unzipping. 60MB Download
cptac2_mouse_hcd_selected.tar.gz - Consensus library in NIST binary format. The folder generated by extracting this package can be used directly by MS Search or MSPepSearchand by the MSPepSearch node within Proteome Discoverer. 104MB Download
20111201-RefSeq-Human-37-Mouse-37-Trypsin.fasta.tar.gz - FASTA file used to search CompRef human-mouse xenograft samples.16.2MBDownload
md5_checklist.chk - MD5 hash file. 1KB Download