EPA Tandem Mass Spectrometry Starter Library of Environmentally Relevant Compounds

Library contents:

Data provided by Larry Zintek, EPA-Chicago in cooperation with Waters Instrument Company, Milford, MA.

Data reformatted and annotated at NIST.

Release date: March 09, 2012.

Software Installation

If You Are a Current NIST MS Search User

Check your MS Search version by selecting from the MS Search menu Help/About nistms… If the version is 2.0g (May 2011 or later) or 2.0f (July 2008 or later), write it down (you will need it later) and proceed to the Library Download and Installation. Otherwise, you need a newer version of NIST MS Search. Follow instructions in the next section.

If You Do Not Have NIST MS Search Installed on Your PC

Download and run NIST 08 Demo installer, NISTDEMO_08.exe. Under Windows 7 or Vista, you may need to enter administrative credentials during the installation. Default settings install Demo MS Search into the C:\NISTDEMO\MSSEARCH folder.

Library Download and Installation


There are two versions of the library. Download the one compatible with your version of the MS Search program.

  1. For NIST MS Search version 2.0g (May 2011 or later) or NIST 08 Demo MS Search download file EPA_Starter.zip.
  2. For NIST MS Search version 2.0f (July 2008 or later) download file EPA_Starter_compat_08.zip.

At this point, if NIST MS Search is running, close it.

Open the downloaded library file in Windows Explorer, copy the library folder located inside the file, and paste this folder into the existing NIST MS Search folder (typically C:\NIST11\MSSEARCH, C:\NISTDEMO\MSSEARCH, or C:\Program Files\NISTMS\MSSEARCH). Start NIST MS Search.

Note that to search MS/MS spectra in EPA_Starter library, you need to open Library Search Options box, select Spectrum Search Type Identity, MS/MS in the Search tab, and, in the Libraries tab, make sure that EPA_Starter library is an included library.