NIST Libraries of Peptide Tandem Mass Spectra

Biochemical Reference Data for Protein and Proteome Analysis
(Developed by the Mass Spectrometry Data Center at NIST)

What is it

Comprehensive, annotated mass spectral libraries from various organisms and selected proteins to identify peptides by matching their MS/MS spectra to reference spectra.

Who can use it

  • A reference spectrum library provides a sensitive, reliable, fast, and comprehensive resource for peptide identification.
  • A peptide mass spectrum library can be used for:
    • Direct peptide identification
    • Validating peptides identified by sequence search programs
    • Organizing and identifying recurring, unidentified spectra.
    • Sensitive, high reliability detection of internal standards, biomarkers, and target proteins
    • Subtracting a component from a mixture spectrum

How it works

The libraries are provided in two formats - NIST MS Search binary format and ASCII format ( MSP file). You can use MSP files with your software. The NIST MS Search binary libraries is usable with NIST MS Search program.

Software for Peptide Mass Spectral Libraries

You can download NIST MS Peptide Search and additional software here:

  1. MS PepSearch program - a fast library search algorithm for batch identification of peptide.
  2. NIST Peptide Library Browser (NIST MS Search) and BSA Library - a full spectral library search and viewing utility with graphical user interface.
  3. NIST MSQC Pipeline - a fully integrated software pipeline for identification and quantitation of peptides.
  4. Lib2NIST: Converter of NIST MSP file format to a peptide library
  5. ReAdW4Mascot2: Thermo RAW data converter (direct download).
  6. Other compatible software (external links)
    1. SpectraST: a fast library search algorithm integrated into the TPP (developed at ISB and HKUST).
    2. Skyline: a software package for design and analysis of SRM experiments (developed at UW).

Peptide Mass Spectral Libraries

You can download different libraries here: NIST Libraries of Peptide Tandem Mass Spectra

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