Human Ion Trap Library ( June 05, 2013)

File - Description Size Link
2013_06_05_human_consensus_final_true_lib.tar.gz - Consensus library in plain ASCII text (msp format). This format can be used as an exchange format. It is also directly readable by some software applications. 647MB Download
2013_06_05_human_nist.tar.gz - Consensus library in NIST binary format. The folder generated by extracting this package can be used directly by MS Search or MSPepSearch. 1,171MB Download
2013_06_05_human_spectrast.tar.gz - Consensus library in SpectraST format. These library files can be directly searched by SpectraST after the package is extracted. 1,523MB Download
human_fasta.tar.gz - FASTA file used to create the library. 14MB Download

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