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 +====== Zebrafish Ion Trap Library ======
 +===== January 09, 2015 =====
 +<WRAP center group 80%>
 +All data in this library was analyzed on a Bruker HCT and donated by **Magnus Palmblad**, ​
 +Associate Professor, Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics,​ Leiden University Medical Center,
 +P.O. Box 9600, Zone L04-Q, 2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands \\ 
 +<wrap lo>//__J Proteome Res.__ 2014 Mar 7;​13(3):​1537-44. doi: 10.1021/​pr4010585. Epub 2014 Feb 5.
 +Identifying proteins in zebrafish embryos using spectral libraries generated from dissected adult organs and tissues. van der Plas-Duivesteijn SJ1, Mohammed Y, Dalebout H, Meijer A, Botermans A, Hoogendijk JL, Henneman AA, Deelder AM, Spaink HP, Palmblad M.
 +<WRAP center group 90%>
 +^ File - Description ^ Size ^ Link ^
 +| **2015_01_09_zebrafish_it_consensus_final_true_lib.tar.gz** - Consensus library in plain ASCII text (msp format). This format can be used as an exchange format. It is also directly readable by some software applications,​ including Skyline, after unzipping. |  37.2MB| [[ftp://​​download/​peptide_library/​libraries/​zebrafish/​ION_TRAP/​2015_01_09_zebrafish_it_consensus_final_true_lib.tar.gz|Download]] |
 +| **2015_01_09_zebrafish_nist.tar.gz** - Consensus library in NIST binary format. The folder generated by extracting this package can be used directly by [[peptidew:​mspepsearch|MS Search or MSPepSearch]] and by the MSPepSearch node within Proteome Discoverer. |  75.6MB| [[ftp://​​download/​peptide_library/​libraries/​zebrafish/​ION_TRAP/​2015_01_09_zebrafish_nist.tar.gz|Download]] | 
 +| **md5_checklist.chk** - MD5 hash file. |  1KB| [[ftp://​​download/​peptide_library/​libraries/​zebrafish/​ION_TRAP/​md5_checklist.chk|Download]] | 
 +  * Total number of Spectra: **28,952**
 +  * Unique Peptide Sequences: **21,242**
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