Why DokuWiki?

But first what is Dokuwiki? It is easy to guess from the name: it is wiki software. There are few dozens of wiki software available. Some of them are well known - MediaWiki, some of them less known. The Wikipedia has a nice comparison of wiki software.

The Wikimatrix has even more complete list. And moreover you can use “Choice Wizard” to simplify your choice. Side by side compare is also very useful.

When we start look for the software to manage our Mass Spectrometry Data Center website the wiki engine come to our minds: a) collaboration; b) simplified markup language; c) fluent structural modification “on the go”. But we do not need “heavy tools” for our quite small needs.

And DokuWiki is very fit to our needs:

  • No Database - all pages are simple text files
  • Therefore - easy installation and maintenance
  • It is active Open Source project with support by community of developers
  • Wide variety of extensions
  • PHP programming language can be used in case of additional needs
  • Support for mobile devices.
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