The NISTmAb Mass Spectral Library of Human IgG1κ mAb Drugs

A mass spectral library composed of all identifiable spectra derived from the tryptic digest of the NISTmAb IgG1κ were created from over six million peptide-spectrum matches acquired by high-resolution, accurate-mass 1D/2D LC-MS/MS analyses. The library contains a selection of 12,611 high quality HCD spectra of 3,361 peptide ions.

It is available in a .ZIP archive as part of NIST MS Search, a full-featured Microsoft Windows® application.

Reference: MAbs 2018, in press. The NISTmAb tryptic peptide spectral library for monoclonal antibody characterization. Dong Q, Liang Y, Yan X, Markey SP, Mirokhin YA, Tchekhovskoi DV, Bukhari TH, Stein SE.

File Size Link to download
1 - - Archive for Installation of Windows Database Program and Library. Download archive and unzip installation file. Run NISTmAb_Mass_Spectral_Library.exe to install the search program and database ~12MB Download
2 Readme.pdf - Short instruction for installation and use ~214KB Download
3 md5_checklist.chk - MD5 hash file. 1KB Download

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