Third Party MS Software Compatibility Note

If both of the following are true:

  1. your MS software searches, creates, or updates User MS libraries in NIST format;
  2. your software contains file NISTDL32.DLL or NISTDL16.DLL which does not have Version information in Properties as displayed by the Windows Explorer (these files were created before Aug 1999);

then the latest MS Search version you may use is 1.7a-o (file In this case, using NIST MS Search v2.0 to update or create your user MS library may make the library incompatible with your (third party) software.

To resolve this incompatibility with the NIST MS Search v2.0 the third party software needs to be updated to the current version of the NISTDL32.DLL or NISTDL16.DLL.

User MS Libraries created/updated by the MS Search v2.0 may also have compatibility problems with older NIST MS Search version 1.6x. However, these libraries are fully compatible with the NIST MS Search v1.7 and are searchable with v1.7-o.

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