The NIST Glyco Mass Calculator

M. Lorna A. De Leoz and Stephen E. Stein, Mass Spectrometry Data Center

The Glyco MS Calculator is a tool to help calculate the masses and elemental compositions of glycoforms (e.g. glycans, glycopeptides) and their common ions. The user inputs the number of residues in the glycan and the program calculates for the masses and elemental composition of the glycan. It also calculates for the derivatized masses, e.g. permethylated or 2-AB labeled, of the glycan. Then, it generates the monoisotopic masses of molecular ion adducts often observed in ESI mass spectra.

Launch the online calculator or download the Excel 2010 file (macro-enabled).

For suggestions, inquiries, and comments, please contact Dr. Lorna De Leoz at or (301) 975-6731.

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