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NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Database

NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library, NIST Tandem Library and NIST GC Method / Retention Index Library are not available for download. All libraries are available from corresponding lists of distributors.

NIST MS Search Program

The NIST MS Search Program can be downloaded from this site. It is also included with database distribution.

Updates to v.2.0f can be downloaded here. These are software-only updates. The NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library is NOT included in any of these downloads. Update to v.2.2 is not available at present time.

Item Description Download
NIST 08 Software Update This update is for use with the version of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library (NIST 08). The update searches for the NIST 08 software released in July 2008 (NIST MS Search build June 25, 2008) or later, replaces it with the latest version, then makes backup copies of the replaced files. Only a manual uninstall of the update by restoring the backup files is possible. Download
NIST 02 Software Update This update is for use with the 2002 version of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library (NIST 02). This software update should be used only with the software accompanying NIST 02 MS Library (do not use with the software accompanying NIST 98 or other versions). Please refer to readme_02.txt included in the zip file for complete update instructions before performing the update. Download
NIST 02 MS Library Update This update is for use with the 2002 version of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library (NIST 02). It will add “Other DBs” field to the NIST02 MS Library. This software update should be used only with the NIST 02 MS Library (it will not work with NIST 98 or versions later than NIST 02). Download the update (file NIST02LibUpd.exe) and run it on your computer to update the library Download
Updates for older versions of the NIST/EPA/NIH Mass Spectral Library
MS Search Program v.2.0 Upgrade This upgrade installs version 2.0 of the NIST MS Search Program. This upgrade will not replace your NIST MS Search Program v 1.6 or 1.7, but it will upgrade any previously distributed version 2.0 files. Please refer to readme_v20.txt included in the zip file for more details. This software upgrade should not be applied to the software accompanying the NIST 02 MS Library. Please read this document before downloading the complete zip file. For this upgrade to work properly, it is important that the MS Search Program is not open when the files are extracted. Download
MS Search Program v.1.7 Upgrade This upgrade converts version 1.6 of the Search program to version 1.7. This package only includes the files necessary for this upgrade. To upgrade from earlier versions (version 1.5 and earlier) please contact NIST Standard Reference Data. Additional upgrade instructions Download

version of MS Search and AMDIS

A demo version of the NIST MS Search Software version 2.0f and AMDIS (Automated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System) with a sample MS Databases is available. AMDIS can also be downloaded separately (see below). Download

NIST MS Search User Guide

The NIST MS Search User Guide is available as a PDF file for version 14, version 11 and version 08. Download 14 (2.81 MiB)
Download 11
Download 08

Mass Spectrum Interpreter Version 2

Item Description Download
Archive with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation More Information Download
Mass Spectrum Interpreter Version 2 Download


See more information about AMDIS program here

Item Size Download
Full Program Installation: Program files, Help, Sample Data
Version 2.73. Build 2017/04/25
~16MB Download
Help file (*.CHM format) ~3.57MB Download
Manual (*.PDF format) ~5.39MB Download
Sample Data ~3.6MB Download
ReadMe.txt ~4KB Download
Instructions for using AMDIS with NIST MS Search,
Acrobat PDF or PowerPoint PPTX format
~2.5MBDownload PDF (2.52 MiB)
~4.8MBDownload PPTX (4.82 MiB)

Support Programs

Item Description Download
Library Conversion Tool See more info about Lib2NIST programDownload
ChemStation Macros for V.1.7 More Information Download
ChemStation Macros for V.2 Download

Mass Spectrum Digitizer Program

Item Description Download
Mass Spectrum Digitizer Program
(Java should be installed on your computer)
More Information Download

The NIST Glyco Mass Calculator

Item Description Download
The Glyco MS Calculator
(It is an MS Excel 2010 table with macros)
More Information Download (82.73 KiB)

NIST Peptide Databases

These databases contain nearly 1 million MS/MS Spectra for multiple biological species. You can download them from PEPTIDE.NIST.GOV website

EPA Tandem Mass Spectrometry Library

Item Description Download
For NIST MS Search v2.0.g (May 2011 or later) More Information Download
For NIST MS Search v2.0.f (July 2008 or later) Download

DART Forensics Library

Item Description Download
Readme_NIST_Forensics_DART.txt More Information Download
DART Library Installation ZIP archive. Download

Unknown Recurrent Urine-TMS Libraries

Item Description Download
Readme.txt More Information Download
Unknown Recurrent Urine-TMS Library ZIP archive. Download

Raw LC-MS/MS Data of Standard Reference Material 1950, Metabolites in Human Plasma

More information and links to data download available here.

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